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Krogers NEW coupon Policy October 30, 2011

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KROGERS NEW COUPON POLICY for Cincinnati/Dayton District as of October 10, 2011

*Krogers reserves the right to limit no more than five (5) paper manufacturer coupons for the same product, each coupon value considered (1) coupon in the same transaction.

*Limit One Manufacturer Coupon (paper or digital) per item purchased

*Expired Coupons are NOT accepted

*Couponed item will not be sold to dealers

NOTE:  The Store Manager has the right to accept, decline, or limit the use of any coupon.

*Krogers DOES accept Internet Coupons!

Internet Coupon Restrictions/PAH Coupons (Print at Home Coupons)

*Free Item” internet coupons can be accepted if all purchase criteria is met.

*Only one internet coupon per item will be accepted

*Only two internet coupons per manufacturer per Customer, per day.

*internet coupons that display characteristics below will not be accepted.


            -Out of proportion

            -Do not scan properly

            -Appear to be altered in any way

Doubling (If Applicable)

*Manufacturers coupons 50 cents and below will automatically be doubled (example:  Coupon is $0.35, it will double to $0.70).

*Doubling does not apply to the following coupons

-FREE                                    -Retail Food Store Coupons

-Kroger                                   -Electronic Coupons

-Catalina                               -Items Prohibited by Law


For a complete list of All of Krogers Policies please go here


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