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2 IMPORTANT things to do By April 30th! April 29, 2011

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Well, April is coming to an end and that brings the time for lots of coupons to expire.  Remember to use the 4/30 coupons by tomorrow.  Don’t forget the P&G coupons for the Crest Toothpaste get you FREE toothpaste this week at Krogers!  Some Krogers have been out (I’ve gone a couple times this week and they have been out), but the manager at my store said if they were still out of stock on Saturday (the day the coupons expire) they will right me a rain check and I can use my coupons the following week (but they have to state that on the raincheck).

Secondly, PRINT, PRINT, PRINT!  Most coupons sites reload the coupons on the first of the month.  Allowing you to print 2 more coupons.  So Print away by tomorrow!  Here are some printable sites:





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