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My Interview with Mr. Coupon is Friday, January 14th! January 14, 2011

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Tomorrow is the day I will be interviewing Mr. Coupon!  I am so excited!!!  I have questions from a couple of you, but if anyone has any more questions for me to ask Mr. Coupon please leave a comment. 

Mr Coupon lives near the Cincinnati area and he was starred in TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” show that aired a couple weeks ago.  He is allowing any viewers and/or fellow couponers to ask him questions and get answer’s straight from the “Extreme Couponer” himself! 

So ask away…..  I will be interviewing tomorrow evening!!!

Thanks for all of your support!









3 Responses to “My Interview with Mr. Coupon is Friday, January 14th!”

  1. Camilla Says:

    What is your favorite grocery store to shop at? What is your favorite Drugstore?

  2. Camilla Says:

    Also, I always have trouble with cashiers telling me that i am cheating the system because i am getting an item for free (not making money). Do you normally have this problem and what do you suggest i say back to them?

  3. tightwadmama Says:

    Great questions Camilla! The answers to the interview will be up later tonight!

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