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Re-Threads is accepting donations now for Winter! September 8, 2010

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It’s that time again to go through all the clothes that have been packed away since last winter…  It’s hard to think about winter clothes when it has been in the 90’s all week (that is in Cincinnati), but soon enough the cold will be here.  So as you are unpacking your winter things or going through you clothes….and have that pile of “don’t fit me anymore”, “don’t want anymore”, or “don’t need anymore” please consider donating them!!!  There are so many families out there that are out of work or don’t have enough money to clothe their families. 

Re-Threads is a new FREE clothing store in Fairfield, Ohio that offers familes from the community that are truely in need  FREE clothing.  You may have even seen them on the news in August when they had their Grand Opening.  This is an awsome time for you to Give Back to the community!  They are in need of donations now for all winter clothing!  If you have ANY clothing that you would like to donate, please email me at:  cincytightwadmama@yahoo.com or you can call Re-Threads directly at #513-549-6394, thanks!!!


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