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Want to Host a House Party? September 1, 2010

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For starters, I just learned about HouseParty.com a couple months ago when I was invited to a Shutterfly Party.  I signed up and they send me emails to “apply” to be a host of one of these House Parties.  If you are selected they will send you FREE things for your party from brands that you will LOVE!  My 5 year old son is so excited because we were finally selected to host a party!  It also happens to be a Star War’s Clone War’s party so he absolutely can not wait!!! 


They will be sending us all sorts of things to do before the Season Premire of The Star Wars Clone Wars cartoon on Cartoon Network.  My son and I are planning all sorts of fun things to decorate and make for snacks.  We will be getting a brand new game from Hasbaro and much more and we get to keep it ALL absolutely FREE!  All I will have to do is fill out a survey before and after the party…how easy is that!  This is your chance to check out www.houseparty.com and see if there is a party on there you want to apply for to host.  (if you are selected).  Have fun!


One Response to “Want to Host a House Party?”

  1. tightwadmama Says:

    If you have ever hosted a house party before, I would LOVE to hear about it!

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